Good day Lady Bren. I just found this web site and will be watching as it develops. I am not only a rose lover but also a collector of bear figurines and art. Take care and God Bless!

Stan the Roseman, Loveland, CO on 8 November 2007

I hope this venture is rewarding in all ways! I think the bears are outstanding!

Ramona Haywood of Vista, CA on 10 January 2008

I had no clue you did this! Adorable just adorable.  I wish I had half your talents.

Bonnie Shoultz of El Cajon, CA on 11 January 2008

I am in love with the La De Da bears!! The best ever!! Thank you!!!!

Lori Chester, Louisville, KY on 8 March 2008

Hi Bren,

Love your little bears and wishing all the very best in your bearmaking career.  Hope to have one of your little babes soon!
Hugs and keep in touch.

Di Bester

Diane Bester, South Africa on 15 March 2008

Dear Bren, Your site and blog are so beautiful. I like your style very much. I am a doll and bear-artist.. if you like you can take a look in my nostalgic ane romantic world. Sweet greetings from Holland..the land of wooden shoes and red tullips.

Marijke van Ooijen, Holland on 12 January 2009

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