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'Marguerite Reine de Neige'

'Marguerite Reine de Neige' is a big 21" hand dyed, two tone soft sterling grey mohair bear, five way jointed. Her belly is filled with copper shot and French Lavender for a gentle therapeutic scent. Her beautiful face features our signature hand sculpted clay nose, eye lids and wet, realistic, endearing tears. Her mouth is embroidered and glossed for a bit of shine. Her legs are long with a bend at the knees and features graceful pointed toes. She wears a very full white tulle tutu with flower embroidery at the waist, fastened with a silky sterling vintage ribbon. The same ribbon is around her ankles with a sequined florette. Her crown is made of elegant, faux pearls , sequins and beads for a bit of la de da' flair.
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