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'Chaux Gardensparkle'

'Chaux Gardensparkle'

'Chaux Gardensparkle' is a tiny 4.25" La De Da' Bear in the NEW 'Mon Petit Bijou' (My Petite Jewel) Collection. She is created in a matted, sparse, cream and hand dyed yummy lime colored mohair. She has been treated and hand tinted/painted in multiple shades of grey, blush and lavender and blue pigments then blended for a watercolor effect around the eyes/cheek area and for an aged, vintage appeal throughout the body. She is very well loved, plucked, weathered and worn to look like a bear from yester-year. Hand sewn, center seam head design, stuffed with poly and natural crushed minerals for a cozy weight in the hand. "Worn off by love" looking embroidered nose and painted mouth. Her arms and legs are thread jointed and her head is wobble jointed for movement making her nod more for a shy, "pick me up" appeal. She wears faux lavender flowers embellished with sterling silver beads and emerald green Swarovski, Aurora Borealis Crystal beads as flower stamens on her head for a bit of la de da' flair. She can not stand on her own but can be propped. All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike. From my heart to your hand....I hope the La De Da' Bears bring you a smile. ~ Thanks for looking at 'Chaux Gardensparkle'! ~
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