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'Lady Minuet Sweetgrace'

'Lady Minuet Sweetgrace'

'Lady Minuet Sweetgrace' - a Carnival Celebration Bear 'Lady Minuet Sweetgrace' is 6.5" (8" with her hennin hat) lady bear, made of sparse, aqua and white mohair, treated and hand tinted/painted in multiple shades of gray and sepia pigments in the 'haute heritage' - la de da' style. She is the first in a series of a brand new pattern I designed, mimicking old teds from long ago with a longer snout and back hump. She is stuffed with poly and copper shot for a cozy weight in the hand. Sculpted clay nose, eyelids and embroidered mouth. Her arms and legs are thread jointed and her head is wobble jointed for lots of movement making her nod more for a shy, "pick me up" appeal. She wears a hand made hennin style head piece decorated in an altered art assemblage for a bit of la de da' flair which coordinates with her pearl adorned party mask and miniature dance stage. She also wears a chocolate brown lace collar to finish her party attire. She could not attend Carnival without makeup so she wears a touch of blue shadow, blushed lips and cheeks, applied eyelashes and a beauty mark on her left cheek. She comes with a perfect little prop stand for more posing options and the ability to stand. All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike. From my heart to your hand....I hope the La De Da' Bears bring you a smile. Thanks for looking at 'Lady Minuet Sweetgrace'
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