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'Twiggy Floragiggle'

'Twiggy Floragiggle'

'Twiggy Floragiggle' is a 6.5", off-white matted mohair bear, treated and stained, then heavily tinted in shades of gray and sepia in the 'haute heritage' - la de da' style. She is very well loved, plucked, weathered and... worn to look like a bear from yester-year. Hand sewn, center seam head design, stuffed with poly and copper shot for a cozy weight in the hand. Embroidered nose and mouth. Her arms and legs are thread jointed and her head is wobble jointed for lots of movement. She wears a tinted lace ribbon for a bit of la de da' flair. Her paw pads have been treated for a wet/worn/shabby texture....for a "well loved" appeal. She comes with a perfect little prop stand for more posing options and the ability to stand.
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