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'Mireille le Pierrot'

'Mireille le Pierrot'

'Mireille' is a 6.5" (8.5" with her cap on). She is made out of white and pink sparse mohair, a "haute shabby" bear. Sculpted clay nose (no molds,free hand), leather eye lids, needle felted eye whites, glass eyes, hand sewn, center seam head design, hand pigment shaded, stuffed with poly and copper shot for a cozy weight in the hand. Her arms and legs are thread jointed and her head is wobble jointed for lots of movement. She wears a french text, hand painted, altered art collar and matching cap for a bit of la de da' flair. Her eyes are accented in french mime style makeup and applied eyelashes. Her paw pads have been treated for a wet/worn/shabby texture for a "well loved" appeal. 'Mireille le Pierrot' is the third of a series of French inspired character bears. She was named after a beautiful lady I admire. Thanks for looking at 'Mireille le Pierrot'.
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