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'Mademoiselle Ambroisine'
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'Mademoiselle Ambroisine' is a new 7" (with tiara) design - Original Teary Eyed Artist Bear by La De Da' Artisan Bears ©
'Mademoiselle Ambroisine' views the world through shiny, black, hand crafted German glass eyes, surrounded by my sculpted signature upper and lower eyelids filled with wet looking tears. The nose has also been sculpted freehand.
This design was created in a bit scruffy, faux fur imported from France which has been dyed, painted and shaded in textile friendly pigments and sewn entirely by hand by the artist, Brenda Pollock, in hundreds of tiny stitches and is firmly stuffed with 100% virgin polyester. The belly has been weighted to give my designs a nice feel in your hand.

'Mademoiselle Ambroisine'  wears a hand made pale pink tulle tutu and a metal tiara with matching tulle on her head very much in the La De Da'© style. All sewn in.

Please keep your new bear from water, steamy bathrooms, moisture, etc. Treat it as you would any fine art, free from sunlight, moisture, etc.

All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike. From my heart to your hand....I hope the La De Da' Artisan Bears ©, the original teary eyed bears...make you smile.


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