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'Esme PetiteFleur'

'Esme PetiteFleur' is a 7" teary eyed, hand sewn and painted La De Da' Artisan Bear.


Esme views the world through shiny black premium glass eyes with hand sculpted clay eyelids, accented with the La De Da' signature wet tear accents for a dimensional and soulful gaze. The lower eyelids are filled with a tear medium giving a wet, lifelike, forlorn expression. The nose has also been hand sculpted,stained and glossed for a natural effect. The mouth is embroidered and treated to shimmer slightly.


She is five way jointed and is created in a feathery soft, Helmbold and Schulte Viscose. The entire body is meticulously painted and heat set in a textile watercolor, leaving the hand of the viscose very soft. Her torso features an Impressionist watercolor inspired pattern of many colors in various hues. She was sewn entirely by hand and is stuffed with poly throughout the body and copper shot and the highest quality lavender buds in the belly.

The lavender is imported from Provence, France. Lavender is a La De Da' signature element added to all of my bears to enhance the "hug" experience with a gentle, therapeutic natural scent. Squeezing the buds helps release the scent, so you get a little bit of relaxation with every hug. In addition, non-culinary Lavender is a natural repellent to moths, insects and other critters, like mice, helping preserve and protect your La De Da' bear for many years.


She wears an Impressionist painted, shabby fabric flower on her head I handcrafted to coordinate with her body for a bit of la de da' flair.

She can not stand on her own but can propped. All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike. From my heart to your hand....I hope the La De Da' Artisan Bears bring you a smile.
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