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Sally Goodtime a Boudoir Bear NEW design

'Sally Goodtime' is a brand NEW design in a NEW line of signature 'Boudoir Bears' from La De Da' Artisan Bears. Sally is a 13" mohair bear interpreted from the Boudoir dolls from the 1910's - 1940's. They were also know as Bed, Flapper, Smoker, Sofa, Salon or Parlor Dolls. I have a particular love and obsession with these long lost dolls and decided to create a line of bears paying homage to the style which is naturally very "La De Da'". She views the world through premium glass eyes with sculpted/painted, leather eye lids accented with sculpted wet accents for a dimensional and soulful gaze. Her legs are long with a perfectly pointed ballet like foot and toe. Her long arms hang gracefully and tight to her sides. Her slight concave chest resembles an "adored before" long loved bear whose stuffing is a bit worn down from many hugs. Her belly is very rotund. She is created in a matted German mohair, multi process/hand dyed in two tones of a harvest gold. She has been treated and hand tinted/painted in multiple shades of clay, gold and blush pink then blended for a watercolor effect around the eyes/cheek area and for an aged, vintage appeal throughout the body. She is very well loved, plucked, weathered and worn to look like a bear from yester-year. Center seam head design. Her face has been needle sculpted to create a slightly upturned nose featuring a cute profile. She is stuffed with poly, copper shot (belly) and the highest quality lavender buds, imported from Provence, France. Lavender is a La De Da' signature element added to all of my bears to enhance the "hug" experience with a gentle, therapeutic natural scent. Squeezing the buds helps release the scent, so you get a little bit of relaxation with every hug. She is a lovely weight, under one pound. As with all my bears, she has a hand sculpted clay nose which has been sanded, stained and painted in multiple colors for a leather-like effect and a painted mouth. Her ears are chubby and stuffed for a round full effect. Her arms and legs are disk jointed and her round head is wobble jointed for movement making her nod more for a shy, "pick me up" appeal. She wears a 1920's style hand dyed and sculpted cloche hat made by me with a fabulous beaded flower and leaves in a jet bead look for a bit of la de da' flair. Her front paw tips and mouth are lightly blushed with a rosy red to mimic nail polish and lipstick. She wears a tulle wrap stole embellished with another jet black bead flower. Her feet have painted "shoes" just like the real dolls with an ankle strap tied in a bow in the front. Her knees are bendable like the real Boudoir dolls and I added "blush" just like the rebels of the time did to show off their new found freedom of style and dress. She also holds a brass-tone perfume bottle in her hand. Is there perfume in the bottle? These were Prohibition no one will ever really know. She can not stand on her own but can be posed in multiple ways. All of my designs are one of kind, no two bears are alike. From my heart to your hand....I hope the La De Da' Bears bring you a smile.
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